BY Sarah LaMarche

Do you find your hair is greasy every day and you just cant stand it? Here are some tips and facts that you can learn from to escape from that grease ball of a head of yours!

The skin on your scalp, just like the skin on the rest of your body, is full of pores that are connected to “sebaceous glands.” They secrete the natural oil called sebum. This sebum is essential for keeping your hair soft, smooth and manageable. However, sometimes the glands produce sebum in excess amounts that cause your hair to be oily and greasy all the time. But what are reasons why this happens

1. ONE OF THE TOP CULPRITS: Washing your hair with shampoo every single day. When you do this you are telling your body you need to produce the oils quicker then necessary, because they are constantly being stripped when you washout your hair. Tip: To gradually get out of this habit, if you shower everyday, try not washing it with product. You can wet it, but don’t use any product until your body has been retained.

2. YOUR HAIR TYPE: If you have fine hair, it means there is too much oil being secreted by your scalp and not enough hair to absorb the oils. If its straight on top of that, the sebum tends to travel easier from roots to tips. Tip: Refer to reason 1

3. IT COULD BE HORMONAL! Taking certain medications, pregnancy, menopause, puberty and even stress could disturb your hormonal levels. This could cause a spike in production of sebum on your scalp

4. PLAYING WITH YOUR HAIR TOO MUCH? Not only are you transferring the oils from your hands to your hair, but you are also pulling the oils through your hair from root to tips.

5. USING HOT WATER! This is a hard one, I know. But hot water stimulates the glands and encourages them to produce more oils. OH DEAR! So: Rinse hair thoroughly for 30 seconds to make sure all product has been rinsed.

I hope this info helps an oily, greasy someone.