Unfortunately for many Canadians, acne remains a primary skin concern whether they’re in their teens or 40s. It is estimated that more than half of teens and young adults suffer from acneic symptoms, with the average age of acne sufferers rising from 20.5 years old to 26.5 years old over the past decade.

If you’ve been in any store that sells health and beauty products, you’ll know there is no shortage of products attempting to heal current breakouts and prevent future ones. Key ingredients like Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid are common but when and how you should use them varies. Not to mention, the rules that coincide with mixing different ingredients within your routine. We all know how much information is out there but finding the best solution for your skin isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Our licensed estheticians are answering your top questions regarding this common skin concern.

Q: I know what acne is, but remind me.

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin. When you think of acne, you probably imagine inflamed breakouts, but acne lesions can be non inflamed as well.

Non-Inflamed Breakouts

  • Micro-comedones: clogged hair follicle or pore in the skin
  • Open comedones: a clogged follicle that reaches the surface of the skin and opens, commonly known as blackheads
  • Closed comedones: a clogged hair follicle that stays beneath the skin, producing a white bump
  • Papules: a small, solid raised bump

Inflamed Breakouts

  • Pustules: papules filled with pus
  • Nodules: large, painful, solid lesions
  • Cysts: deep, painful, pus-filled lesions



Q: I want to revamp my entire regimen to focus on my blemishes, which products do you recommend?


  1. Cleanser: Becausecleansers spend minimal time on your skin, it isn’t necessary to spend too much time worrying about your selection. If you have a cleanser that you currently love, stick with it. If not, look for one that is gentle, yet effective at removing dirt and impurities.


  1. Moisturizer: Choose an oil-free and lightweightmoisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. It may seem counterintuitive but using a moisturizer can drastically improve oily skin, which is a major cause of acne. By keeping the skin hydrated, you won’t have to worry about it over producing oil to compensate.
  2. SPF: if you use any product, let it be anSPF! We have a variety of options depending on your skin type and all of our bases include pure mineral sun protection, so you have no reason not to include this vital step in your daily routine.


  1. Cleanse
  1. Exfoliate: Introducing anexfoliant into your regimen can help speed up your cell turn over process. However, over exfoliation can be detrimental to your skin’s health. Make sure you’re not over doing it by only using these products 1-3x per week.
  2. Serum: A crucial step in fighting acne around the clock,serums boast potent, active ingredients that can help speed up your skin’s natural processes. One of our top-sellers,
  3. Moisturize (if necessary)



Q: I’ve tried everything and my acne still isn’t going away, what else can I do?

If you’ve exhausted over the counter options, it might be time to see a licensed esthetician for a professional treatment alternative. Depending on the severity of your acne, the relatively low dosages of active ingredients in consumer products might not be enough. Talking with a professional about your skin concerns can be incredibly beneficial in getting you the treatments your skin needs. Laser Genesis is a safe and effective way to reduce acne and acne scarring

Laser Genesis is an excellent treatment option for both acne scars and the redness left behind after old acne clear (called post-inflammatory erythema.).  We use the Laser Genesis to treat rosacea, decrease the size of enlarged pores, improve the appearance of fine lines on the skin, and of course to treat acne scarring and the marks left from acne.” The Laser Genesis works in two ways to improve acne scarring.  The first mechanism collapses tiny, superficial blood vessels on the skin that produce the appearance of redness on the area of old acne lesions.  The second mechanism promotes the production of healthy collagen to improve the texture of pitted acne scars.  One of the great things about the Laser Genesis treatment is that it does not require any downtime and the treatment itself does not involve any discomfort. You may continue your prescription and at-home acne treatments while undergoing the series of Laser Genesis treatments.  Laser Genesis does not make your skin more sun sensitive or interact with any other treatments.  After a series of Laser Genesis treatments, dramatic improvement is seen in both the texture and tone of your skin.  Laser Genesis is an exciting treatment, because it addresses many factors that lead to the appearance of marks and scarring on the skin.  There is no need for separate treatments to address redness and shallow scars; both issues can be treated simultaneously with the treatment.


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